Anti-vaccine celebrity makes YouTube video about Natural News, heads explode

LOS ANGELES, CA – In what is being heralded as the “Perfect Storm” in the.

Anti-vaccer literally can't even, continues odding

READING, PA – Local anti-vaccine advocate Michael Brady is experiencing what doctors are calling is.

Anti-vaccer frustrated he can't seem to get family members to "wake up"

  PORTLAND, OR – James Smith, 33, is furious at his seeming lack of progress.

Child completely unaware her parents are anti-vaccine morons

SANTA FE, NM – Ella Neil, 2, is a happy go lucky child living blissfully.

Pro-vaccine shills afraid to debate anti-vaccine researcher

Donald Wilson, a self proclaimed scientist with a PhD from Google and YouTube, has challenged.

American children to soon begin receiving 168 vaccines before the age of 1

ATLANTA, GA – The Spudd Times have obtained secret government documents from the CDC and.