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Breaking: Anti-vaccers are actually paid Pharma Shills

In what is sure to send shockwaves through both the pro-vaccine/pro-science side of the non-existent.

hiv cure pingpong
HIV cure within sight from ping pong table

Treatment of the HIV/AIDS epidemic may take a sharp turn in coming years, as a.

on strike
Pharma Shills threatening to strike

NEW YORK, NY – Local 277 who represents Pharma Shills worldwide, is threatening to strike.

Pfizer announces new vaccine to protect against vaccine injuries

Pharmaceutical giant Pfizer announced today that they would be debuting a new vaccine in early.

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Breaking: Childhood vaccines soon to contain 65% mercury

NEW YORK, NY – Big Pharma is ready to roll out it’s latest vaccine, a.

Big Pharma applauds EpiPen price hike, looks to expand same tactic to vaccines

NEW YORK, NY – The recent price hike in EpiPens, up nearly 400% in price.

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