Pro-vaccine shills afraid to debate anti-vaccine researcher


Donald Wilson, a self proclaimed scientist with a PhD from Google and YouTube, has challenged any and all pro-vaccine pharma shills to a live debate about the dangers of vaccinations. So far, no one has taken him up on the offer.

“This is typical of big pharma shills, they are all talk and no substance” claims Wilson. “I’ve sent out this challenge to numerous pro-vaccine doctors, scientists and authors and not one of them has ever taken me up on it. What are they so afraid of? I only have three rules to the debate:


  1. The moderator of the debate and everyone in the crowd must be anti-vaccine.
  2. I get to pick the questions to be asked and allowed to research my answers and prepare powerpoint slides in advance.
  3. The pro-vaccine debater is not allowed to use any information, statistics or evidence from mainstream media, the CDC, FDA, any federal or state healthcare governing body, or any published literature in peer-reviewed journals.


So again, what are they so afraid of?”

Anti-vaccine advocates are echoing Wilson’s talking points arguing that deep down inside, pro-vaccine doctors like David Gorski, Paul Offit and Steve Novella know they will lose against a lay person who has spent more time on Google than they have in medical school.

Check mate.


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