Moderna scientists reportedly struggling to add microchips to latest boosters

The news is not good coming out of Moderna HQ. With another round of booster vaccines on the horizon, scientists are reportedly struggling to add the tracking chips into this particular batch.

“The first few versions were easy, but for whatever reason we’re having some trouble this time around,” explained Moderna chief scientist Dr. Mark Graham. “We have reached out to Bill Gates and Mr. Soros to help.”

Both Gates and Soros have a lot of experience with mind control and depopulation, so there is some optimism.

“If anyone can help us, its those guys,” said Graham.

It is widely known that both Pfizer and Moderna included nano-sized microchips into their respective vaccines when they first began producing their gene-altering experimental vaccines. This time around, the microchips are reportedly even smaller and can cause both sterility and have early stage mind control technology.

“I can’t give away too much, but lets just say these latest vaccines are the most powerful we have ever produced,” said Graham.

Bill Gates was unavailable for comment as he was busy buying all the farm land in the USA to produce poisonous GMO foods.

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