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Anti-vaccine parents sue science teacher after son fails test

SAN DIEGO, CA – Local anti-vaccine parents Brian and Linda Hooker officially filed suit against Kevin Gerard, their son Stephen’s 8th grade science teacher. The suit claims that Mr. Gerard unfairly targeted their son during class and repeatedly failed him on tests even thought they believe he had the correct answers.

science, health, satire, vaccines.
Measles and mumps cases rise as vaccination rates fall, anti-vaccers blame lack of colloidal silver

DENVER, CO – There has been a sharp rise in both measles and mumps cases.

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Anti-vaccer shocked to learn "mercury" was never in MMR vaccine, years of advocacy down the drain

Elizabeth Hornswaggle is an anti-vaccine advocate, single mom, and all natural detective. So you can imagine her surprise and horror when she confirmed that the MMR vaccine has never contained the mercury preservative thimerosal.

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All patients in new vaccine trial have cancer, trial allowed to continue anyway

LONDON, UK – A trial for a new vaccine is underway in England and the.

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CDC to roll out new HIBRVMMRVDTaPHepAHPV vaccine next fall

ATLANTA, GA – The CDC has made a big announcement today, confirming the rumors of a new, super vaccine.

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Anti-vaccers set to make record number of alternative doctors millionaires in 2016

LOS ANGELES, CA – According to sources at Forbes, anti-vaccine advocates will make an estimated 39 new millionaires in America this year by refusing to get vaccinated and instead buying unproven alternative health products.