Thousands rush to exchange online medical degree for Google PhD in foreign policy

After spending the better part of two years using their online medical degrees to post.

Wearing a mask may help protect against deadly chemtrails, new study finds

In a new study from Harvard University, researchers concluded that wearing mask to cover your.

FDA gives full approval to Pfizer vaccine, anti-vaccers move goalposts in record speed

“We new this day would come, and we were prepared,” says anti-vaccine, pro-covid supporter Dr..

Hospital to replace doctors with parents who have done their research

SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA – A large tertiary care center in Sydney, Australia is pulling out all the stops to try and cut their expenses. As of next month, all doctors and nurses currently on staff will be replaced by parents who have done research on the Internet.

Millions of Pfizer vaccines recalled due to accidentally containing 4G

Pfizer is recalling thousands of lots of their COVID-19 vaccine after the company disclosed that.

Biden Hunger Games
Biden considering Hunger Games style tournament to see who gets to eat meat

With word that the Biden administration is set to limit Americans consumption of hamburgers to.