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MIT scientist creates equation of losing IQ points and reading anti-vaccine articles

BOSTON, MA – A prominent MIT researcher, Dr. Michael Doyle, has completed a breakthrough mathematical.

science, health, satire, vaccines.
Unvaccinated child dies of diphtheria, are vaccines still to blame?

LOS ANGELES, CA – A tragic story coming out of a Los Angeles suburb today.

New vaccine segregated washrooms and elevators coming soon

  NEW YORK, NY – Reports indicate that a new company is being inundated with.

Anti-vaccer still more annoying than "Reply All" guy at local office

BENTLEY, NC – A computer softwar company in North Carolina has quite a cast of.

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Local anti-vaccer prepared to believe whatever anti-vaccine documentary tells him

FURLONG, NY – Local anti-vaccer Justin Woodlake just downloaded an anti-vaccine documentary produced by Andrew.

FDA finally approves Glade Vaccine Mist

NEW YORK, NY – The FDA has finally announced the approval of Glade Vaccine Mist,.