Use of new 'Stupidity Exemptions' for vaccines expected to soar in 2016

LOS ANGELES, CA – Religious and philosophical exemptions used to be the only non-medical way.

North Korea conducts secret test of non-autism causing vaccine, US outraged

NORTH KOREA – Supreme Leader Kim Jong-un announced today that North Korea has carried out a series of underground, secret tests on a new series of vaccines: ones that apparently don’t cause autism.

Anti-vaccine advocates have higher rates of allergies, study finds

BOSTON, MA – A new study from Harvard University was published today in the Lancet.

Most vaccine injuries can be avoided by not getting vaccines, study finds

CHAPEL HILL, NC – Researchers at the University of North Carolina released a new study.

Area man annoyed someone else had already posted anti-vaccine comments on health article

PITTSBURGH, PA – Local anti-vaccer and basement tenant Max Alexander, 24, was annoyed when he.

Anti-vaccer loses second fictional child to vaccine injury

DALTON, FL – In yet another tragic case of vaccine injury, local mother Francesca Thornton.