FDA gives full approval to Pfizer vaccine, anti-vaccers move goalposts in record speed


“We new this day would come, and we were prepared,” says anti-vaccine, pro-covid supporter Dr. J. Mercolla. “We have been having regular meetings and discussions about what to do when the corrupt FDA finally approves this poison.”

Since the vaccines have been available, anti-vaccers have relied on the “not fully approved by the FDA” argument as a core tenet in their excuse to not get vaccinated. Now that it has been approved, they have deftly moved the proverbial goalposts.

“This is one of the fastest approvals the FDA has ever given. How can they even be sure it is safe?” said Mary Johnson, anti-vaccer. “I’ll stick with my supplements and miracle cures thank you very much.” When asked if all of her supplements, tinctures and variable snakeoils were approved, Mary refused to answer.

So now that the Pfizer vaccine is approved and no longer “experimental”, what arguments will the anti-vaccers fall back on? The Science Post asked several anti-vaccers what they think about the new FDA approval and these are some of the responses:

“I don’t care if the vaccine if FDA approved or not. They are corrupt” – Bob Kennedy.

“They didn’t approve all the individual ingredients in the vaccine though did they?” – Kelli Brogan.

“This was a rushed approval. mRNA technology is only 2 years old!” – Aaron Elizabeth.

“Approved or not approved, more people are dying from the vaccine than from COVID. I saw it on Facebook.” – Tie Bellinger.

“I honestly don’t care that it got “approved”, I never take vaccines or give them to my kids. And you know what? None of us have ever gotten Smallpox, Polio, or anything like that.” – Shari Tenpence.

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