Child completely unaware her parents are anti-vaccine morons


SANTA FE, NM – Ella Neil, 2, is a happy go lucky child living blissfully unaware that her parents, Mark and Amy Neil, are anti-vaccine morons.

Ella has never been vaccinated. She survived a scare when she only hours old after her parents refused the Vitamin K shot and she developed Vitamin K Deficiency Bleeding (VKDB). Luckily she had a great team of doctors who were able to save her life.

“Ella is the happiest little girl I know, much happier than her vaccinated peers,” said Mrs. Neil. “She also has natural immunity to measles now, having been infected last year. She is my little trooper.”

Again, luckily for Ella, she managed to escape her bout with measles relatively unscathed, except for a few permanent scars and hearing loss.

We asked Ella about her anti-vaccine parents and what she thought of the situation:

“I love Elsa. Let it go!”

It seems that even at 2 years old, she has already been brainwashed by her parents to tell pro-vaccine advocates to let it go and move on.

Ella’s parents are hoping she is lucky enough to catch chicken pox this year.

“Fingers crossed!” said Mr. Neil. “We have a pox party lined up and we have stocked up with over $1000 worth of vitamins and detox kits from Dr. Mercola. I guess you could say we are pretty smart parents,” he laughed.


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