Aluminum to be taken out of vaccines, anti-vaccers in a panic with what to blame for autism

NEW YORK, NY – Big Pharma announced today that aluminum will be phased out of.

Local 'vaccine-free daycare' closed for sixth straight month due to outbreak

LOS ANGELES, CA – Local anti-vaccine couple Fran and Shiv Drasher opened a daycare center.

World in shock as someone posts Facebook comment without fact checking

MOUNTAIN VIEW, CA – A Facebook comment has sent shock-waves through the entire globe today.

Breaking: Young woman paralyzed after getting HPV vaccine

MIAMI, FL – 17 year-old Jessie Berkley will never walk again, never play soccer again.

Rob Schneider accidentally gets flu shot

LOS ANGELES, CA – In a cruel twist of fate, former funnyman and c-list celebrity.

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Anti-vaccer designs new online symptom checker, all results say vaccine-injury

SAN JOSE, CA – Local anti-vaccine web designer Max Delton recently started a new website.