Hottest back to school trend for home schoolers: Rubella

The latest back to school trends are flying off the shelves at the likes of.

Jenny McCarthy fights for safer Botox

LOS ANGELES, CA – Jenny McCarthy has taken on a new fight this week. Along.

CDC investigates MMR vaccine, finds trace amounts of Mercury

ATLANTA, GA – The US Centers for Disease Prevention and Control released shocking new evidence.

Anti-vaxxer struggles to name "lots of vaccines" that contain mercury

TWITTER, INTERNET – Anti-vaccine zealot @vaccinesaretheworst was engaged in an epic Twitter battle with several.

New study reveals damning new evidence against vaccine safety

DENVER, CO – A new survey conducted by anti-vaccine advocates concluded that vaccine safety is.

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Andrew Wakefield finally vindicated

WACO, TX – Andrew Wakefield, the man behind the now infamous and retracted Lancet study.