Andrew Wakefield finally vindicated

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WACO, TX – Andrew Wakefield, the man behind the now infamous and retracted Lancet study linking vaccines to autism, has finally been vindicated. In an unprecedented move, Wakefield used his millions of dollars he amassed over the years from his anti-vaccine celebrity status to form his own committee.

Modern Medical Research (or MMR) is a committee set up and funded by Wakefield and anti-vaccine parents through donations. They took 4 weeks to look at all the evidence (provided to them by Wakefield) and determined that he was innocent of all charges and should have his medical license re-instated immediately.

“This is a great day for me. The committee looked at all the facts and have determined beyond a reasonable doubt that I am innocent of any wrong doing” said a very happy Wakefield.

Anti-vaccine parents the world over are also overjoyed by the news.

“I knew it! I knew this committee would find him innocent. I just knew it” said Skye Dreamcatcher. “This just reinforces my belief that not having my children vaccinated was the right thing to do. I still have two healthy children who are both vaccine free. Even after I lost my first child to pertussis, I stuck to my guns and refused to have my other two angels vaccinated. I know now it was the right decision.”

The science world and mainstream media have largely ignored the story, not surprisingly.

“The mainstream media and the medical mafia will of course ignore this story” said glorified blogger Jake Crisby. “They don’t want the truth to come out. It’s time for everyone to wake up. Do your research. Chemtrails mercury aluminum big pharma CDC whistleblower toxins” Crisby said trailing off.

Truly a great day for the anti–vaccine cult leader.


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