Donald Trump wants to build huge wall of Measles along Mexican border

Donald Trump was at it again this past weekend vowing that if he is elected.

Jenny McCarthy is expecting Autism

TV personality, actress and author Jenny McCarthy made the startling announcement this morning in front.

CDC Whistleblower reveals destruction of signatures in SB277 referendum drive

Supporters of a referendum campaign in California to repeal Senate Bill 277 are calling shenanigans.

Report: If no one you know has died of a particular disease, it therefor isn't deadly

In a new report from the Annals of Internal Stupidity, researchers have concluded that if.

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Jenny McCarthy files for moral bankruptcy

In a sad statement released through Facebook, Jenny McCarthy has declared moral bankruptcy. The anti-vaccine queen – known mostly for Playboy, Santa Baby, and being anti-science and anti-vaccine – has apparently run out of morals.

Big Pharma shocks world and creates vaccine that doesn't cause autism

In a shocking announcement this week, Big Pharma revealed they have completed the testing on.