Anti-vaccine cult leaders hold online meeting to prep members for flu season

A who’s who of the anti-vaccine cult, namely Billy DeMoss, Jenny McCarthy, Andrew Wakefield, Joseph.

Report: Vaccines linked to increase risk of cancer

In a stunning new report released today in the Annals of Extraordinary Claims, researchers determined.

Anti-vaccers collectively have lowest IQ of any group, study finds

A new study which looked at the collective Intelligence Quotient’s of various groups have released.

The Spudd breaks down the art of the Facepalm

Facepalming is common among pro-science advocates especially when arguing with anti-vaccine cult members. We here.

Anti-vaccine websites becoming so popular, now considered part of mainstream media

Anti-vaccers who go by the mantra of never trusting “mainstream media” have hit a conundrum:.

Parents of unvaccinated child still blame vaccines for his autism

The parents of 5 year-old Matthew Methot are blaming his autism on routine childhood immunizations,.