All patients in new vaccine trial have cancer, trial allowed to continue anyway

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LONDON, UK – A trial for a new vaccine is underway in England and the results are already starting to pour in…and they are not good.

“Yes it’s true, all of the participants in the trial have a confirmed diagnosis of cancer,” explained lead researcher Dr. Holly Colloidal. “But the vaccine is expressly used for the purpose of treating tumors.”

Opponents of the vaccine are outraged that a trial like this would be allowed to go on after this information came to light.

“Let me get this straight: they starting pumping people full of this new and untested vaccine and THEY ALL GOT TUMORS?!?! These researchers should be put in jail,” said Tristan Wells, anti-vaccine and pro-cancer advocate. “Big Pharma is so unethical and unscientific it borders on insanity. And don’t even get me going on the whole germ “theory” issue.”

Researchers and science-literate people are trying to explain what exactly this trial is all about but are having little success.

“I tried to explain that it was a vaccine for tumors and cancer but I was just called a shill and told to wake up,” said one Facebook commenter.

Anti-vaccine advocates are planning a protest and a Twitter storm with the hashtag #vaxtumor.

A few comments on the story can be seen below. Don’t let Big Pharma fool you too!!


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