Anti-vaccers collectively have lowest IQ of any group, study finds

A new study which looked at the collective Intelligence Quotient’s of various groups have released their results. Anti-vaccine advocates have come out on the bottom of the list, with the lowest average IQ of any group tested.

“We always knew anti-vaccers had trouble with science and math, but we never knew it was this bad,” said principal investigator of the study, Dr. Richard Burke. “They beat out kindergartens and dementia patients to finish dead last in average IQ.”

While most anti-vaccine cult members are unable to fully understand the study, some are still expressing their displeasure at the results.

“This is so stupid. We are not dumb that” said Tanner’s Dad, Tim. “This is probably another one of those “too complicated to understand” studies, so I’ll just go ahead and say it is part of the Big Pharma global conspiracy.”

On a positive note, several kindergarten students were excited to learn that they are smarter than a certain part of the adult population.


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