Parents of unvaccinated child still blame vaccines for his autism

The parents of 5 year-old Matthew Methot are blaming his autism on routine childhood immunizations, even though Matthew never received any. While Matthew’s parents believe autism to be a fate worse than death, many people simply see it as a different way of looking at the world. Not a disability but a special ability.

“We are devastated, words can’t describe how upset we are,” said Matthew’s mother, Nancy Methot. “Matthew was on his way to becoming a world famous nutritionist I just know it. But now, thanks to Big Pharma and their toxic vaccines, he will never get that chance.”

When pressed for more details surrounding how vaccines are to blame for her son’s autism, Mrs. Methot explained:

It’s all the kids in his school. They all got vaccinated and are shedding neurotoxins all over the place. Obviously Matthew got infected by them and that caused his autism. We are in the process of suing the school board, the state, the CDC, all of Big Pharma and aluminum.

While the Methot’s are confident they will be handsomely compensated for their sons “vaccine injury” The Spudd is not counting on it.


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