Breaking: Young woman paralyzed after getting HPV vaccine

MIAMI, FL – 17 year-old Jessie Berkley will never walk again, never play soccer again and never tear it up on the dance floor like she loves to do. When Jessie was 13 years-old she received two doses of the HPV vaccine, which according to the CDC is perfectly safe. So what happened?

Just four short years after getting the shot, Jessie was involved in a car accident and was left paralyzed from the waist down.

“I always thought vaccine-injuries were something that happened to other people but not us,” explained Jessie’s mom, Dorothy. “My little girl got her HPV vaccine just like we were told to do and then just like that, bam, four years and a transport truck later and she can’t walk. Thanks Obama.”

According to several anti-vaccine websites, the paralysis is a direct result of the HPV vaccine and just another injury in the giant wake of destruction being left by Gardasil.

“I don’t how people can possibly think this vaccine is safe,” said Sherri Tenpenny. “There have been so any unverified injuries and anecdotes from this vaccine that at least some of them must be true.”

Mrs. Berkley is reportedly trying to file a claim in the “Vaccine Court” and also suing the school, the school board, and the alphabet for containing the letters H, P and V.


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