Local 'vaccine-free daycare' closed for sixth straight month due to outbreak

LOS ANGELES, CA – Local anti-vaccine couple Fran and Shiv Drasher opened a daycare center in their home for other like-minded, anti-vaccine parents. The daycare was an immediate success with families lining up to get their non-vaccinated, vulnerable children a spot at the center.

Unfortunately, the daycare was only open for a few weeks before it had to close due to a whooping cough outbreak among the children.

“Everything was going fine until one little boy got whooping cough from someone on his soccer team through vaccine shedding and it spread throughout the center,” explained owner, Fran. “At first we were all happy because it meant he could give natural immunity to all the other children. Unfortunately, the children ended up getting very ill and a few had to be hospitalized or rushed to a naturopath to get some essential oils. We were told by authorities to close our doors.”

The Drasher’s tried to fight their government oppressors and re-opened the daycare anyways, just under a different name. Again, anti-vaccine parents flocked to the center eager to have their children safe from the recently vaccinated kids infesting regular daycares.

Unfortunately, they were once again forced to close their doors as an outbreak of measles spread to all the children and several had to be hospitalized or rushed to a naturopath or homeopath.

This December will mark the sixth straight month the center, Tots With No Shots, will be closed due to an outbreak of a vaccine preventable disease.


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