Studies conflicting with your preconceived ideas often flawed, you find

YOUR BRAIN – In a recent study on the brain of you, it was concluded that studies.

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Internet commenters solve Zika crisis: turns out it’s Monsanto…or vaccines, something like that

INTERNET – Once again, the internet commenter has come along and solved another scientific mystery..

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Breaking: GMO salmon take over breeding plant, hold scientists hostage

PEI, CANADA – In a breaking story, reports indicate that the GMO Salmon being bread.

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Anti-vaccers trying desperately to find some way to blame vaccines for Orlando shooting

ORLANDO, FL – Anti-vaccine advocates are struggling to find some way to blame vaccines for.

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Man on paleo diet arrested after eating neighbors dog

AUSTIN, TX – Local paleo diet guru Mark Wolfe was arrested yesterday after allegedly eating.

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GM Watch Thrilled by Study Confirming How Gross Some People Find GMOs

A newly released paper published in Perspectives on Psychological Science, finds that many people are.