Breaking: GMO salmon take over breeding plant, hold scientists hostage

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PEI, CANADA – In a breaking story, reports indicate that the GMO Salmon being bread by AquaAdvantage, have turned on their captures and have taken control on the plant.

“The doors and windows to the plant have been boarded up and we have been unable to contact the scientists inside,” said RCMP officer Rick Smith. “The only thing we have seen come out of the plant in the past 24 hours is a note, presumably written by the salmon, demanding they be set free.”

The Science Post has received exclusive access to the kidnappers, which told us they have seized control of the plant and that 2 scientists died in the process. They say they are planning to genetically modify one hostage every hour until their demands are met.

Through drone technology, we have been able to capture images from inside the plant through a small hole in one of the boarded up windows which shows a screaming scientist in one of the tanks.

Stay tuned to The Science Post for updates as they happen or follow the hashtag #fishoutofwater.


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