Author: Amy Porterfield Levy

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Cleveland Clinic Replaces Conventional Medicine with The Four Humors System Following Medical Director’s Devastating Cold

CLEVELAND, OH – Dr. Daniel Neides, Medical Director and Chief Operating Officer of the Cleveland.

Trump announces plan to make Gaslighting a cornerstone of American energy policy

Trump announced today that he intends to make America energy independent and create millions of.

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CDC Director on the Spread of Zika: Welp

Miami, FL – Tom Frieden, the nation’s leading infectious disease expert, delivered a solemn message.

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Woman convinced being anti-vax makes her more interesting to Facebook friends

TALLAHASSEE, FL – A Tallahassee woman admitted today that she only pretends to be an.

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Greenpeace employees enjoy fruit baskets from agrichemical giants

With the announcement of a potential Monsanto takeover by German chemical giant, Bayer AG, Greenpeace.

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Four out of five people who accuse scientists of being industry shills think “irregardless” is a word

A team of researchers from the University of Michigan released a report today which adds.