British Journal of Homeopathy releases groundbreaking study, print too small to read

LONDON, UK – A new study has been released by BJOH, proving once and for.

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Natural Homeopathy and Dasani merge in $0.000001 million dollar deal

NEW YORK, NY – One of the largest bottled water companies in the world, Dasani,.

Doktor Spudd goes undercover, visits naturopath

BALTIMORE, MD – I, Doktor Spudd, evil doctor and pharma shill, recently went undercover disguised.

Homeopath shocked to learn he is not respected in the medical community

NEW YORK, NY – Homeopath Dana Ullman was shocked and appalled to learn that he,.

Naturopath hopes this is the year his family calls him "doctor" while home for Christmas

SPRINGFIELD, OH – Naturopath Paul Therro is hoping his Christmas wish comes true this year.

Homeopathic vaccines show promise, according to new study in Homoepathy Journal

LOS ANGELES, CA – Homeopathic nosodes, which are marketed as an alternative to vaccines, appear.