Naturopath hopes this is the year his family calls him "doctor" while home for Christmas

SPRINGFIELD, OH – Naturopath Paul Therro is hoping his Christmas wish comes true this year and his family finally starts calling him doctor when he is home for the holidays.

Traditionally, his parents and siblings call him a “healer” or “natural doctor something or other” when referring to his profession.

“It’s really frustrating,” explains Therro. “I mean I graduated from one of the top Naturopathic schools in the Caribbean. I’ve earned some respect.”

Things may be getting even worse for Therro, however, as The Spudd Times has learned that one of his brothers has a new girlfriend who is a real medical doctor and will be meeting the family for the first time this Christmas.

“Well shit” said Therro.

Therro indicated he was thinking about getting a degree in homeopathy as well, or perhaps a PhD from David Wolfe or Google with the hopes of getting his coveted doctor title.


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