British Journal of Homeopathy releases groundbreaking study, print too small to read

LONDON, UK – A new study has been released by BJOH, proving once and for all that homeopathy is a viable cure for upper respiratory infections. Unfortunately, the authors have chosen to print the journal homeopathically. What that means is that the font is Arial 0.00000000001 pt. making it impossible to read.

“We felt it was important to stay true to our beliefs,” said Dan Ullman, editor in chief of the journal. “By printing our journal at 30C font size, the study will be that much more powerful.”

Homeopaths the world over are touting this study as the definitive proof they have been looking for that homeopathy is more than just water and placebos.

The Spudd managed to get an advanced copy of the article. See for yourself, the results are pretty hard to deny:

Screen Shot 2015-06-26 at 8.50.23 AM


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