Homeopath shocked to learn he is not respected in the medical community

NEW YORK, NY – Homeopath Dana Ullman was shocked and appalled to learn that he, the preeminent homeopath of our time, is not well respected among the medical community as a whole.

“Let this be a lesson to all homeopaths, naturopaths, chiropractors and any other anti-vaccine medical professionals: never venture outside the friendly confines of your echo chamber” explained Ullman.

It was just over this past month that Ullman, along with his naturopathic pal Paul Therro, attempted to mingle and share ideas with medical doctors and scientists. Reports indicate that things did not go well.

“They kept ignoring us, or claiming that our evidence wasn’t as valid as theirs,” explained a disheartened Ullman. “They argued that randomized control trials are more valid than anecdotes. I had no idea people felt this way.”

At last report, Ullman was seen slinking back into his echo chamber and pouring magic water onto sugar pills.


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