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Greenpeace employees enjoy fruit baskets from agrichemical giants

With the announcement of a potential Monsanto takeover by German chemical giant, Bayer AG, Greenpeace.

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Leaked emails show government officials admitting contrails are real

WASHINGTON, DC – In a shocking story coming out of Washington, leaked emails from Hilary.

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More and more gluten switching to human-free diet, report shows

LOS ANGELES, CA – A new report suggests that more and more glutens are switching.

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The Dannon Company wins coveted Global Greenwashing Award

Dannon yogurt executives are celebrating today after the company was named winner of the prestigious.

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Report: Writing the word FACT after a claim makes it more factual

CALIFORNIA – The Comment Board of America confirmed today that when someone posts a comment with the word fact written in all caps, “FACT”, their comment or claim immediately becomes more factual and believable.

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Black hole collision warps time, deletes February 29 from calendar

“I’m not an astro physicist, so I won’t comment on the existence of so-called gravity,” said Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL).