Report: Writing the word FACT after a claim makes it more factual

Report: Writing the word FACT after a claim makes it more factual

CALIFORNIA – The Comment Board of America confirmed today that when someone posts a comment with the word fact written in all caps, “FACT”, their comment or claim immediately becomes more factual and believable.

“I mean people wouldn’t just go and use capital letters unless they were really sure what they are saying is true,” explained board member Fran Dresher. “Whether its about vaccines, GMOs, who invented email, anything. FACT.”

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The practice of writing FACT after a claim is becoming more and more common in the anti-science world, a trend not unnoticed by the pro-science crowd.

“We tend to just post science and facts without feeling the need to add a capitalized FACT afterwords,” said Dr. Kevin Folta, Monsanto President (we think). “Perhaps in light of this new report it is time to change that practice, or at the very least start treating the anti-GMO claims which use the word FACT with a little more clout.”

Critics of the report argue that the report itself was released with the word FACT in the title which implies some heavy bias by the authors.

“There were no conflicts of interest in this report or in our research. FACT.” said co-author Sharyl Attkisson, anti-vaccer. “Myself and Mr. Ben Swann are completely impartial reporters on this and all topics. FACT.”

Ben Swann replied to our request for an interview with the following:

“Chemtrails. Big Pharma. Vaccines. Autism. FACT.”