CDC tables controversial plan to reduce autism rates: "Go back to calling them weirdos"

Many anti-vaccine zealots claim there is a an “autism epidemic” occurring in America and across.

Are vaccines turning children into little geniuses?

A recent study published in the Journal of American Pediatrics hypothesized that childhood vaccines are.

California prepares for huge rise in autism

LOS ANGELES, CA – With the passing bill SB277, more California children will be getting.

Anti-Vaccers losing their shit over SB277

LOS ANGELES, CA – Well, it’s official. SB277 is now law in California. The new.

Anti-Vaccer threatens to set himself on fire if SB277 passes

PEARLTOWN, TX – The SB277 bill, which will force California children to be vaccinated at.

Child with autism begs anti-vaccine parents to stop calling him damaged

SPOKANE, WA – Little Timmy Gardner was diagnosed with autism almost 2 years ago, now.