Are vaccines turning children into little geniuses?

A recent study published in the Journal of American Pediatrics hypothesized that childhood vaccines are actually turning children into geniuses. The study looked at over 1 million children in the United States who followed the recommended vaccine schedule. The study had some fascinating conclusions…

Children who received their 4 year old vaccinations often were able to tie their shoes within months of receiving the vaccines.

A large percentage of children began to crawl within weeks or months of receiving their 12 month vaccinations.

Most children will begin speaking right around their 15 month vaccinations.

The study cites many more examples just like these and the authors concluded these milestones and cognitive achievements must be linked to vaccines.

Anti-vaccine cult members are crying foul, saying the study lacked an appropriate control group of unvaccinated children. However, the researchers did include statistics from unvaccinated children.

On average, the unvaccinated children were slightly behind their vaccinated peers in most milestones due to having been bedridden when recovering from vaccine-preventable diseases. The authors did note however, that the unvaccinated children had significantly lower levels of antifreeze in their systems.

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