Local anti-vaccer struggles to explain why vaccines are bad without having any real evidence

In is what often the hardest thing for an anti-vaccer to do, local cult member.

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New study confirms no link between MMR vaccine and autism, sky is also confirmed to be blue

NEW YORK, NY – A new study in the BMJ has confirmed once again that.

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Anti-vaccer drops truth bomb in comments, sadly was immediately debunked

INTERNET – Anti-vaccine commenter “TruthBomber” recently dropped what he felt was an atomic bomb of.

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Anti-vaccine conference having trouble booking Professor Marvel

CHICAGO, ILĀ – Anti-vaccine organizers for this years Autism One conference in Chicago are reportedly having.

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Big Pharma executive proposes vaccine which doesn’t cause autism, immediately fired

NEW HAVEN, CT – An executive with the pharmaceutical giant GSK recently proposed the company.

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Breaking: Tibeca Film Festival pulls anti-hair movie “WAXXED”, Mike Adams outraged

NEW YORK, NY – In another stunning story coming out of New York today, Robert.