California prepares for huge rise in autism

LOS ANGELES, CA – With the passing bill SB277, more California children will be getting vaccinated than ever before, which in turn of course means more autism. The California Public Health Department is setting aside over $2 million to help with the impending rise in autism rates across the state.

“We are making sure we are prepared for what is going to happen,” said Public Health Department employee Julie Hasker. “We are making sure we have enough money and support set up for vaccine-injured children. We know that vaccines cause all sorts of problems and we just want to be as ready as possible; although we do not look at people with autism as ‘damaged’ or ‘soulless’ like many anti-vaccince supporters do.”

While anti-vaccine cult members are of course outraged at the passing of the bill, they are a least happy that the State is getting prepared for what is coming.

“At least they are admitting that vaccines cause damage to almost every single child ” said mommy-blogger Katie Triage. “It is a FACT that parents know better than doctors what is best for their children.”

Anti-vaccine zealots are also warning the government to be prepared for more multiple sclerosis, cancer, fibromyalgia, Morgellons, and a host of other diseases which are a direct result of vaccination (and possibly GMOs).

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