Breaking: Bill Gates owned UN institutes forced abortion for Brazilian women

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NEW YORK, NY – The United Nations (a subsidiary of the Bill and Linda Gates Foundation) has mandated that all pregnant women in Brazil must terminate their pregnancies effective immediately.

“We are doing what we feel is in the best interest of the children,” said Gates. “If all goes well in Brazil, we will expand the mandatory abortion law to Europe and then the Americas.”

It is a well known fact that Bill Gates is the head of the New World Order and a reptilian alien-human hybrid, but what maybe less known is that Gates has actually failed the NWO plans of depopulation.

“We tried depopulation through vaccines and everything went wrong,” explained Gates. “Instead of killing everyone, it made everyone immune to diseases and gave most people autism. While the autism thing was an unexpected bonus, we were really hoping for more deaths.”

It seems that the new plan (releasing GMO mosquitoes who secretly carried the Zika virus) is working out much better – although not perfectly.

“We expected the Zika virus to actually render woman infertile, not cause microcephaly,” said a disappointed Gates. “However, we have been able to use that as grounds for this mandatory pregnancy termination law. Everything is coming up Bill.”

The new law is being enforced at gunpoint as we speak.


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