Vaccine and chemtrail injuries closely linked, study finds

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LOCH NESS, SCOTLAND – In a breaking report coming out of Scotland today, it appears as though researchers have linked chemtrail injuries to vaccine injuries.

“We discovered that over 80% of people who claim to have had (or their child had) a vaccine injury, has also experienced side effects from chemtrails,” said lead researcher Dr. Scotty Bowman. “We interviewed over 600 people who claim to have suffered vaccine injuries and over 500 of them also claim to have been sprayed with chemtrails from the government.”

Anti-vaccine and anti-chemtrail advocates are not surprised, but they are angry.

“It isn’t enough that the gubmint already tries to kill children with vaccines? Now they have to spray us with chemicals too?” said Sherri Tenpenny, anti-vaccine cult leader. “I believe that those of us who have been sprayed are more likely to experience vaccine injuries because the chemtrails have weakened our immune systems.”

Perhaps the most surprising part of this story is that pro-vaccine-big-pharma-controlled-shills believe the research as well.

“I’m not surprised at all to be honest. I expect most people who fabricate vaccine injury stories also believe they are being sprayed with chemicals from the backs of airplanes,” said David Gorac. “They often go hand in hand.”


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