Local 'vaccine-free daycare' closed for sixth straight month due to outbreak

LOS ANGELES, CA – Local anti-vaccine couple Fran and Shiv Drasher opened a daycare center.

Gunman attacks Sandy Hook Truther meeting, victims conflicted about being a false flag

SANDY HOOK, CT – Another mass shooting has rocked America today on the third anniversary.

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1st year resident diagnoses everyone in emerg as query Ebola

NEW YORK, NY – First year resident Dr. James Tourny was admittedly nervous on the.

Breaking: Young woman paralyzed after getting HPV vaccine

MIAMI, FL – 17 year-old Jessie Berkley will never walk again, never play soccer again.

Over 70% of children in local measles outbreak were fully vaccinated

OLYMPIA, WA – A recent outbreak at a elementary school in Olympia, Washington is making.

Nations demands female doctors make it clear they are not nurses

LOUISVILLE, KY – Female doctors all over the country are confusing patients by not making.