Gunman attacks Sandy Hook Truther meeting, victims conflicted about being a false flag

SANDY HOOK, CT – Another mass shooting has rocked America today on the third anniversary of the Sandy Hook school shooting.

According to reports, a lone gunman walked into a meeting being attended by over 23 Sandy Hook “Truthers” (people who believe the Sandy Hook shooting was fake and staged by the government) and began firing.

“At this time we have confirmed reports of at least 10 victims and many more injured,” said Connecticut Deputy Dwayne Furlong. “We have the shooter in custody and the situation is being contained.”

Many of the injured victims from the shooting are confused as to whether or not they are part of a false flag operation perpetuated by the government. One of the victims spoke to reporters just minutes after getting out of the building:

“Well I saw a shooter in the building but I didn’t really see him shoot anyone, except for me” said Gary Williams, truther. “Things are still a little hazy so I’m not sure how this one is a false flag just yet. I mean, we know there has never actually been a real mass shooting in the history of America, they are all staged by the government with actors, so maybe I just wasn’t told I was an actor or something.”

Stay tuned for updates.

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