Hipsters starting to graduate med school, hospitals seeing huge rise in record players, scarves and beards

BOSTON, MA – There’s no denying it – it’s getting to the point where many.

Comic Sans still the go to font for children, anti-vaccers

NEW YORK, NY – One of the most popular fonts of the 1990’s is apparently.

Anti-vaccine celebrities have a combined total of three years of community college education

Anti-vaccine celebrities are popping up more and more and they all seem to believe they.

Anti-vaccine parents frightened of recently vaccinated children shedding diseases

BOSTON, MA – Local anti-vaccine parents Debbie and Sean Richardson are terrified that their unvaccinated,.

New resident unsure what to do, carries around chart and looks busy for entire 18 hour shift

New internal medicine resident Geoff Mercer wasn’t exactly sure what to do on his first.

Parents worried daughter is being taught science at local Catholic High School

Parents of 15 year-old Chastity Matthews are concerned that their daughter may be receiving some.