1st year resident diagnoses everyone in emerg as query Ebola

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NEW YORK, NY – First year resident Dr. James Tourny was admittedly nervous on the first day of his Emergency rotation and wanted to make sure he didn’t miss anything big.

“I would hate to be known as the resident who missed someone with Ebola,” explained Tourny. “So to cover my bases I just wrote “? Ebola” on everyone’s chart that I saw.”

Thankfully, no one who came to ER during Tourny’s 18 hour shift actually had Ebola.

“While I admire Dr. Tourny’s ambition and cautiousness, we really need to teach our residents to be a little more precise,” said attending physician Dr. Frank Salde.

Even though Ebola has faded from most of the front pages of the news, many residents are still nervous about it.


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