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Anti-vaccers accuse Dr. Paul Offit of creating vaccine, saving lives

PHILADELPHIA, PA – Anti-vaccine advocates have once again gone after their arch nemesis, Dr. Paul Offit.

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Autism rate now 2 in 1, according to new survey from Natural News

AUSTIN, TX – In a new survey released by Mike Adams from Natural News, the.

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Study shows believing in conspiracies reduces sexually transmitted infections in males

DENVER, CO – A new study from the University of Denver has shown a strong.

Science, Vaccines, Med School, Satire
Anti-vaccer inherits millions, plans to use money to fight against vaccines

LOS ANGELES, CA – Anti-vaccine advocate Jeremy Woodlake was recently informed he was the heir.

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CDC Scandal: Vaccines being laced with fertility drugs

ATLANTA, GA – A former CDC employee, who wishes to remain unnamed at this time,.

Porter pushes same empty hospital bed for entire 12 hour shift

SEATTLE, WA – Matt Harper, a porter at Mercy West Hospital in Seattle, Washington spent.