Anti-vaccer inherits millions, plans to use money to fight against vaccines

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LOS ANGELES, CA – Anti-vaccine advocate Jeremy Woodlake was recently informed he was the heir to millions of dollars. Unable to contain his excitement and good fortune, Woodlake took to social media to declare he now had the necessary means to fight against Big Pharma.

“When I got the email from that person in Nigeria saying I stood to inherit millions of dollars, I couldn’t believe my luck,” explained Woodlake. “I immediately emailed back with all the required information like my name, address, credit card information and social security number. Now it’s just a matter of time until the funds are deposited into my account.”

Anti-vaccine Facebook groups and echo-chambers are fully in support of Woodlake, urging him on to use his money to fight the evils of vaccines.

“I wish I was that lucky. All I ever got was a deal on my credit card interest rate….which I never got come to think of it, and my payments have been a lot higher recently. Weird” said Marsha McClennon.

As of press time, Woodlake’s credit card had been charged the required $250 to release his inheritance and he is expecting the windfall very shortly.

A copy of the email is below:


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