Report: If no one you know has died of a particular disease, it therefor isn't deadly

In a new report from the Annals of Internal Stupidity, researchers have concluded that if.

Killer Whale assisted birth now trending; 10% survival rate so far

The latest trend among natural, granola moms is killer whale assisted water births. The idea.

Breaking: The Spudd makes FOIA request on The Food Babe

In a breaking story, yours truly put in a FOIA request for one Vani Hari,.

Number of alternative medicine users plummeting as more die from using alternative medicine

A new report from the thinktank Minchin Muses, has revealed that the number of people.

Anti-vaccine parents charged after using all-natural homemade car seat

Local parents John and Nancy DeMoss were arrested and charged with child endangerment over the.

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Area man fired from Whole Foods after boss finds out he has science degree

AUSTIN, TX – Area man Travis Konecky was terminated from his summer job at Whole.

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