Number of alternative medicine users plummeting as more die from using alternative medicine

A new report from the thinktank Minchin Muses, has revealed that the number of people who use alternative medicine in lieu of evidence-based medicine is dropping rapidly. The number one cause for the drop in numbers is the users dying from using alternative medicine in lieu of evidence-based medicine…

“While we are glad to see the number of people foolishly looking to unproven alternative medicine to cure their ailments and illnesses, we are saddened to discover it is because they are dying,” said CEO Jim Minchin. “Hopefully this can act as a wake up call for some people.”

Many stories surface on the internet of people forgoing conventional treatment for diseases like cancer, only to succumb to the disease not long thereafter.

“We often see people come to us when it’s too late,” said oncologist Dr. Jeremy Hyte. “They have usually used some form of alternative treatment they read about on the internet. When it doesn’t work and they get scared, they come to us. Unfortunately it is very often much too late.”

“Do you know what they call alternative medicine that has been proved to work? Medicine.”

– Tim Minchin


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