science, health, satire, vaccines.
Greenpeace employees enjoy fruit baskets from agrichemical giants

With the announcement of a potential Monsanto takeover by German chemical giant, Bayer AG, Greenpeace.

science, health, satire, vaccines.
GM Watch Thrilled by Study Confirming How Gross Some People Find GMOs

A newly released paper published in Perspectives on Psychological Science, finds that many people are.

science, health, satire, vaccines.
California mom crushed to learn Glyphosate unlikely to cause cancer

LOS ANGELES, CA – A California mom is furious this week after experts from the World.

science, health, satire, vaccines.
The Dannon Company wins coveted Global Greenwashing Award

Dannon yogurt executives are celebrating today after the company was named winner of the prestigious.

science, health, satire, vaccines.
People with Celiac Disease hold huge thank you parade for “gluten-intolerant” hipsters

NEW YORK, NY – People with Celiac Disease (a genetic autoimmune disorder of the small.

science, vacines
Anti-vaccer binge watches House, feels confident giving diagnosis over Facebook

Ron Farrell, an anti-vaccine father of one, recently signed up for Netflix and immediately watched as many health shows as he could in order to do some research.

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