Parents secretly vaccinating child behind anti-vaccine doctors back

Mary and Tom Budgell, parents of 5 year-old Seth Budgell, have been taking their child.

Dermatologist makes surprise appearance in ICU

In a stunning coup for inpatient medicine, intern Jody Severs convinced Dr. Jeremy Infante to.

Joy Behar and Michelle Collins work 18 hour shift in ER to prove nursing is "not a real profession"

Joy Behar and Michelle Collins, the two brightest and funniest woman on television according to.

Dr. Woo "didn't really have much of a choice"

MAILBU, CA – Dr. Steven Woo, MD. didn’t really have much of a choice once.

Doctors office blares satellite radio to drown out cries of children getting vaccinated

A local doctors office is in hot water after reports indicate that the staff has.

Doctor says fuck it and opens vaccine, GMO and chemtrail detox center; makes millions

LOS ANGELES, CA – Local pediatrician Dr. Andrew Furey was upset with the number of.