Joy Behar and Michelle Collins work 18 hour shift in ER to prove nursing is "not a real profession"

Joy Behar and Michelle Collins, the two brightest and funniest woman on television according to Joy Behar and Michelle Collins, recently stirred up controversy when they mocked nurses on their show, The View.

Behar and Collins called a Miss America contestants nurses uniform a “costume”, wondered why she was wearing a doctors stethoscope, and it was also revealed that backstage Collins quipped, “Yeah, that’s not a real profession. They want to be doctors.”

In order to prove their point both Collins and Behar donned the nurses costume, borrowed a stethoscope from a doctor and started their 18 hour emergency department shift.

“Joy actually did a bit better than Michelle” said ER charge nurse Donna Penny, RN. “Michelle fainted after the second patient but Joy managed to last almost an hour before she demanded a break and kept asking where the hair and make-up department was.”

Overall, both Collins and Behar feel the experiment was a success.

“I think we showed that what we said was accurate. I mean, we both managed to last minutes on the job” said Behar. “Plus, I really liked how the nurses costume looked on me.”

Reportedly the two television hosts were a little put off by how “mean” some of the nurses were to them during their shift.


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