Recent med school graduates spill the beans about their favorite courses

A group of nearly 75 recent med school graduates sat down with The Science Post.

Kat Von D Anti-Vaccine
Local mom still weighing her options on which celebrity to get medical advice from

INDIANAPOLIS, IN –  Mom of two Becky Slater is currently doing exhaustive research on various.

Anti-vaccine parents tear up with sadness when talking about son who got into medical school

Bruce and Jenny Turnbull are devastated after hearing the news that their son, Matthew, secretly.

Doctor goes 5 years before realizing female surgeon colleague is not a nurse

NEW YORK, NY – Columbia Medical Center’s head of general surgery, Dr. Mark Jessom, is.

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Doctor recalls his greatest day on the job: ‘The day I forgot my pager’

BOSTON, MA – Dr. Benjamin Kent is a general surgeon at Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston. He recently sat down with The Science Post and recalled the greatest day he has ever had as a doctor.

Porter pushes same empty hospital bed for entire 12 hour shift

SEATTLE, WA – Matt Harper, a porter at Mercy West Hospital in Seattle, Washington spent.