Breaking: Tibeca Film Festival pulls anti-hair movie “WAXXED”, Mike Adams outraged

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NEW YORK, NY – In another stunning story coming out of New York today, Robert DeNiro announced that his Tribeca Film Festival was pulling a controversial anti-wax documentary from the festivals lineup.

Anti-wax advocates believe DeNiro was strong-armed by Big Wax and Nazi corporations. Mike Adams from Natural News was seen foaming at the mouth as his typed he latest screed:

“Yet De Niro discovered that even declaring yourself to be pro-wax isn’t enough to appease the follicle totalitarians. The mere granting of any public platform to this explosive document is very nearly a crime in the eyes of the corrupt, fraudulent wax industry and all its arrogant zealots.
As more pressure was brought against De Niro for defending the free speech of what might be one of the single most important documentaries of our modern age, he caved. He pulled the film from Tribeca, participating in the censorship that was demanded by the pro-wax totalitarians. The film’s page on Tribeca was also memory holed — it used to be found at this link — and De Niro felt compelled to issue a follow-up statement today that appeases the demands of the follicle fundamentalists.”

Anti-hair advocates all across the internet are crying foul, claiming their free speech rights are being violated…again!!


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