Local anti-vaccer struggles to explain why vaccines are bad without having any real evidence


In is what often the hardest thing for an anti-vaccer to do, local cult member Andrew Crosby found himself struggling to convince others of the dangers of vaccines without being able to cite any actual evidence.

“Yah it’s really frustrating not having any credible research, studies, etc. to back up my claims,” explained Crosby. “I don’t understand why people don’t immediately become anti-vaccine after I tell them about my friends’ neighbor’s daughter who was injured by a vaccine. I mean, what else do they want?”

According to the latest PEW research, what they “want” is actual studies and research proving vaccines are dangerous. So far, the anti-vaccine community has been unable to produce said data.

“We anti-vaccers are at a very disadvantaged position since we have no evidence or research,” explained Sherri Tenpenny. “It’s really not fair that all the research done on vaccines shows how safe and efficacious they are. People should just believe the anecdotes we tell them without question and treat them as the equivalent to big clinical trials.”

Crosby said he plans on continuing to spread his message of science illiteracy and anti-vaccine diatribe, despite the lack of evidence.

“I think I might talk about how there was a huge trial showing vaccines were unsafe but I can’t find the link right now…or maybe say that the trial was so damning, that Big Pharma make the the journal retract it. Yah, that sounds good.”

In the meantime, anti-vaccers will continue to spin yarns of half-true anecdotes while the pro-vaccine community will continue to rely on actual evidence.


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