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New vaccine segregated washrooms and elevators coming soon

  NEW YORK, NY – Reports indicate that a new company is being inundated with.

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New chemical-free vaccine enters phase III testing, CDC confirms

ATLANTA, GA – A new vaccine which is completely devoid of chemicals has entered the third phase of clinical testing, the CDC confirmed to The Spudd Times this morning.

Mass shootings now second leading cause of death in United States

WASHINGTON, DC – With the 355th and 356th mass shootings of the 2015 calendar year.

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Report: Pluto getting relentlessly mocked by other planets

NASA has revealed the latest news from the Pluto flyby and the reports are not.

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Jim Carrey to give guest lecture on science; Neil deGrasse Tyson to write, direct and star in new comedy

Jim Carrey, one of the foremost experts on chemistry and vaccines, will be giving a.

Family being torn apart by mom's plan to delay vaccinations

AUSTIN, TX – A local family is being torn apart by the couples disagreement when.

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